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JSC "VZEP" offers terminal-board printed wiring .We guarantee high quality of electric blocks mounting. Nowadays, we have most productive and accurate equipment for automatic terminal-board printed wiring. Cooperation with our enterprise means for your firm high quality, minimum production terms, flexible payment system.
Our capabilities:
Components mounting in cases size 0402 and microcircuits or joints with step output 0,5 mm and cases BGA. Terminal-board printed wiring on lead free production process.
Urgent and express – version of small-scale and high volume orders.
Cost calculation of automatic SMD – mounting.
Cost of automatic SMD – mounting depends on board of the same type quantity of circuits, on complexity and operating terms. You can send us assembly board drawing and specifications for a preliminary order. For each client individually we form preliminary cost and manufacture terms based on data submitted.
Technological demands to the order on SMD – mounting.
1. Printed circuit board or group blanks sizes should correspond: 355х300 mm.
2. Components should be not closer than 3 mm from the edge.
3. There should be two datum marks having round areas with diameter 1 mm, dissected from mask in diameter 3.5-4 mm and located in opposite diagonal corners of the PCB for preliminary orientation of printer vision and for elements installer. All the PCB elements should be not closer than 5 mm from the datum marks centre.
4. The presence of solder mask between contact areas and mounting hole is required.
5. It is necessary to give the detailed specification which helps for mounting, assembly drawing and mounting special demands.
6. The complete set should be in standard package:
- coils 8,12,16,24 mm (if coil is started, it must be kept free from components of filling end -20 cm)
- strips that consist of several separate parts for mounting are not accepted;
- boxes width 32 mm;
- matrix trays for microcircuits;
- there should be 2-5 % stock chip-components in strips (minimum 10 pc.) and 1% microcircuits stock (minimum 2 pc.) for losses and rejection during assembly.
7. There should be the following information on each component:
- nominal value, tolerance, standard size, type of terminals coat;
- microcircuits- name, temperature range, case type, step between terminals, type of terminal coat, sizes.

Our enterprise offers high quality manual mounting with specialized equipment.