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    The company was founded in 1948 in Vitebsk. The number of personnel was over 300 men. The company has mastered an entirely new products and the beginning of a new economic sector in Belarus - Instrumentation. Simultaneously with development of new products there was in progress an intensive construction of workshop buildings and social and household facilities.

1950 - 1970

    In 1957 the enterprise was producing over 5 types of instruments and the first party of production had been exported.
In 1961 there was a special design office organized at the Enterprise. The nomenclature and sophistication of the manufactured products highly increased.
In 1968 the Enterprise started developing a new line of production – manufacturing of consumer goods.
In 1970 there was a quite new direction being developed – the first in the country production of sophisticated transistor devices, such as measuring transducers. The plant became the large instrument making enterprise of the country and a well technically equipped one.

    Many devices were marked with diplomas at international exhibitions.


    Nowadays, the staff continues to develop new sophisticated devices, and consumer goods. JSC "VZEP" expands the volume of output and development of new sophisticated products and simultaneously solves the serious task of reconstruction.

    Thanks to the development of scientific and technical potential the nomenclature of assimilating devices constantly increases on the plant. The plant's production replies to high standards on reliability, quality and exploitation characteristics. We have achieved our high position on the market due to continuous development policy, competence of our employees and modern equipment for research, design and production.

    Our trademark is officially registered in 1995.

    The certificates on Quality Management System corresponding to requirements of IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015. The scope of activities covered by this certificate is defined: Desing and Manufacture of Electronic Speedometers, Instrument Clusters, Electronic Tachometers, Pulse Sensors, Electronic Pedals, Indicator Blocks, Microclimate Control Systems, Converters of Direct Current Voltage, Converters (certificate No: 60156/B/0001 /SM/En, certificate No: 60156/BB/0001/SM/En, expiry date 02 December, 2021).

    The quality management system of designing, manufacture and service of instrument production and consumer goods corresponds to requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015 that allows to improve constantly a technological level of the enterprise and to raise quality of let out products (certificate No BY/112 05.01.003 09162, expiry date 15 November 2022).

    We aim to gain the foreign market and maintain the predominant position on the Belorussian market taking advantage of our access possibility to the latest technology and scientific information. We make every effort that offered goods and services could meet expectations of foreign and domestic Customers, warrant them a full satisfaction of the undertaken cooperation, were credible and could satisfy a larger and larger group of Customers.
As overriding goals we put to ourselves:

-customers' satisfaction reached through a punctual realization of goods and in accordance to requirements,

-the continuous quality improvement of goods and service level realized through the systematic raising of personnel qualifications and modernization of technological and measuring equipment.

The realization of above goals is based on the knowledge and skill of employees supported by up-to-date technological and measuring equipment. Open joint-stock company "Vitebsky zavod elektroizmeritelnykh priborov" has always put a lot of effort to meet the most stringent quality requirements. Our company teats all the quality standards as integral to the management policies and procedures and to every step in the processes of developing and manufacturing of all its products.

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